15 years ago, a gathering of people met for the purpose of bringing God’s hope to the city of Anaheim. Those meetings were first held in a humble high school cafeteria, and have flourished into a vibrant, growing community of Believers committed to being the hands and feet of Jesus — both at home and around the world.


As we continue to meet peoples’ needs, today we find ourselves in need.  Our involvement with underprivileged children and families in Orange County, counseling services, and increased interest in our programs for teenagers and children mean we’re growing beyond what our current rented space can provide.

We're searching for a place of our own, a physical structure people can enter to find hope.  

Our ministries call for a meeting place. Our worship and teaching teams require space to rehearse and minister. All children and teenagers demand areas that are safe and welcoming, designed specifically to meet their needs.  But most of all, we’re searching for a launching pad from which we can meet the community’s needs in greater Anaheim.  A place of hope.

With your help we’ll be able to do more of what we love: bring God’s hope to you, our community, and the world.  Watch our story below to see what we’re all about.



If you'd like more information about our church or our A Home For Hope campaign,
or if you feel you can help further our cause, please contact us!